Construction Cleanup

Construction Cleanup



Construction Cleanup, safe construction site and a spotless finished product is not only expected, it’s essential when your wanting a clean professional image on your site. We make sure you have a clean, safe construction site so that your entire team can be more productive and the owners see your professionalism and attention to detail.

Helping Hands Construction Cleanup will allow you to never have to worry about building debris or trash getting in the way of construction or appear disheveled to clients that need to be impressed by your work.

When construction is complete and the building is almost ready for move-in – but not quite. It needs a thorough final clean – inside and out, including power wash and window polishing – so those who will move don’t have to clean one thing. And isn’t that what they expect? It’s certainly what they will notice and appreciate.

Don’t allow your new client to move into their office without the finished site being spotless. If you need your site thoroughly cleaned up, inside and out we can make it happen so those moving in will praise your finished product. You can’t put a price on an owner moving into their newly built, clean office or building that’s truly move-in ready and the complete satisfaction that will make a lasting impression on YOUR job well done. Construction Cleanup done by Helping Hands Cleaning Service, LLC

For all of your Construction Cleanup needs no matter how big or small, let us give you a hand, a helping hand!


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Greenville Memorial Hospital A,B, C & D Wings

Greenville Memorial A, B, C & D wings after Helping Hands Construction Cleanup

General Liability Insurance

Helping Hands carries a general liability as well as workman’s comp for all of our clients. 

Spartanburg Regional Hospital for Solsbee Construction after Construction Cleanup

Spartanburg Regional Hospital after Helping Hands Construction Cleanup

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